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The Red Rock mission is to produce the Highest Quality Hand Crafted Cheeses possible. This is what sets us apart from other cheese companies. Our customers are important to us and we will provide quality service to all.

Red Rock Specialty Cheese LLC Company Information:
1365 North Highway 6 Delta
Utah 84624 USA
Ph 435 864 2430
Fax 435 864 2460

Red Rock Specialty Cheese LLC History:
" Red Rock Specialty Cheese is a local family owned and operated business. It was established in 2005 by Jon Nilson and Dr. K.M. Nilson. They are both dairy professionals with a combined cheese-making experience of more than 75 years. Red Rock Specialty Cheese is an award winning cheese company specializing in fine Artisan Cheeses made from the highest quality goat and rBST free cow milk. "